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Why Use Firewood?

Firewood as a home-heating fuel is becoming ever more popular due to the uncertainty of supply and the ever increasing price of fossil fuels. It also offers people the chance to reduce their carbon footprint as burning timber from well selected sources makes great savings in carbon emissions compared with using traditional fossil fuels for heating.

Forestry Commission England

"The CO2 that is released when firewood fuel is burnt is equivalent to that taken from the atmosphere through photosynthesis during tree growth" Forestry Commission England. The use of Woodfuel makes good use of logs created as a by product of the Arboricultural industry as well as encouraging proper management of local woodlands.

Crackling Log Fires in Winter

When well managed thinning and coppicing of woodland leads to greater bio-diversity and habitat for flora and fauna. On an emotional level there are few things that compare to a crackling log fire on a cold winters night.

Seasoned Firewood + Logs for Sale Sevenoaks, Kent

Our firewood logs are a mixture of well seasoned hardwoods including:


The king of firewood.
Produces both heat and bright flame.


Burns slowly
and gives off lots of heat.


Produces good
flame and heat.

All the firewood supplied to you in Sevenoaks is split, seasoned and ready to burn on both open fires and log burners.
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